Kuat Transfer V2 Hitch Bike Rack


Regular price $549.00

Introducing the Transfer v2. We took what you love about the original Transfer and expanded on it.

The Transfer v2 is more solid than ever. From the steel construction of the original to a new Flatlock hitch cam for enhanced stability in tow. Plus, a semi-integrated cable lock for an upgrade in security. The best part? The new Transfer v2 has the modular configurations available so you get a multi-rider rack at an everyone-friendly price.


  • -Flatlock cam for 2", ball cam for 1.25"
  • -Includes semi-integrated bicycle cable lock
  • -Tamper-resistant hitch security
  • -More robust hitch design for enhanced stability in tow
  • -Holds up to a 50" wheelbase bike (previously 47")
  • -Holds wheels 18"-29" (previously 20"-29")
  • -Holds tires up to 5" with accessory strap (previously 4.5") + better hook clearance for loading fat bikes
  • -Automotive-grade 750 hour salt spray hardware
  • -Dedicated 2” hitch version in the 2 bike configuration can be directly mounted on campers, recreational vehicles, or trailers with CHASSIS MOUNTED RECEIVERS ONLY.

Carrying Capacity

  • 1-Bike: 60lbs/Bike + Add-On: 40lbs/Bike
  • 2-Bike w/ 1.25”-2” Ball Cam: 40lbs/Bike
  • 2-Bike w/ 2” Flatlock Cam: 60lbs/Bike + Add-On: 40lbs/Bike Rated for RV use
  • 3-Bike: 40lbs/Bike + Add-On: 40lbs/Bike
  • Holds wheels 18"-29"
  • Fits wheelbases up to a 50"
  • Note: 1-Bike 1-1/4" Rack - Black and 2-Bike 1-1/4" Rack - Black include 2" adapter; 2-Bike 1-1/4" Rack - Black has lower weight rating than 2-Bike 2" Rack - Black