Kuat Transfer V2 +1-Bike Add-On Rack


Regular price $159.00

The new Transfer v2 models can each be expanded to carry an additional bike with the 1-Bike Add-On. Increase the capacity of your 1-Bike, 2-Bike, or 3-Bike rack to carry up to *4-bikes with all the features you expect at a price that's unexpected.

  • Automotive-grade 750 hour salt spray hardware
  • Holds up to a 50" wheelbase bike (previously 47")
  • Holds wheels 18"-29" (previously 20"-29")
  • Holds tires up to 5" with accessory strap (previously 4.5") + better hook clearance for loading fat bikes
    • 8 lbs
    • 1-Bike: 60lbs/Bike + Add-On: 40lbs/Bike
    • 2-Bike w/ 2” Flatlock Cam: 60lbs/Bike + Add-On: 40lbs/Bike Rated for RV use
    • 3-Bike: 40lbs/Bike + Add-On: 40lbs/Bike
    • Holds wheels 18"-29"
    • Fits wheelbases up to a 50"

*Add-Ons cannot be stacked. Only a single 1-Bike Add-On can be used and only with Transfer v2 models. The 1.25"-2" Universal Fit Transfer v2 2-bike (SKU T202B) model cannot take a one bike add-on. Not backwards compatible with Transfer V1.