Specialized Turbo SL Range Extender Battery w/Zee Cage


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Battery anxiety? Not with a Turbo SL. Our discreet and compact Specialized Turbo Levo SL Gen 2 / Levo SL / Vado SL / Kenevo SL / Creo SL /Como SL Range Extender Battery provides up to 40 additional miles (64km) of mountain-flattening power. More range, more riding.

  • 160Wh capacity delivers up to one additional hour of riding.
  • Compatible with Turbo SL Bikes.
  • Includes a 3 LED charge-level indicator.
  • Range Extender ships with Zee Cage and retention band, order the matching cable separately.
  • Matching RE cable not included, required lengths are as follows. 2nd generation Levo SL, 145mm. 1st generation Levo SL, 160mm. Creo SL, Vado SL, Como SL, 220mm. Kenevo SL, 285mm.
  • Compatible with standard SL charger, order Turbo SL Y Charger Cable separately to charge internal battery and RE battery simultaneously.
  • SL Range Extender Cable 220mm Vado SL, Creo SL, Como SL ROAD (98920-5655 SOLD SEPARATELY.)
  • SL Range Extender Cable 145mm Levo SL Gen 2 MTB (98922-5665 SOLD SEPARATELY.)
  • SL Range Extender Cable 160mm Levo SL MTB (98920-5650 SOLD SEPARATELY.)
  • SL Range Extender Cable 285mm Kenevo SL MTB (98921-5660 SOLD SEPARATELY.)


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